Monday, January 03, 2005


this is a recipe for a very simple yet elegant dinner filled with tons of flavor. it's from (the picture is also from - that's why it's so good!) direct link to recipe is provided.


Cupcake recipe

This is a recipe I found on I love that website. it's so fun to look around, not to mention they have the best pictures!!!! (like this one above). I have provided the web address so you can make these scrumptious little cupcakes for youself. happy baking!!!

little magnets

these are really neat little magnet things that I found at "Not Martha". these are really and I can't wait to go get some glue and glass beads so I can make some myself. more pictures are provided.
you can find the instructions here:

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Knit Hat and Scarf

I love this hat that I found in Martha Stewart Living Magazine. I think that the hat and scarf go PERFECTLY together. I can't wait to make them. I think my sister would look great in both of them.
these are the instructions for

Bigger Critters

this is the "bigger critters" that Krissy makes. her website can be found below. this is only one of the many designs.

My favorite sites!

Hey Guys,
I wanted to share with you some of my FAVORITE sites for fun, crafts, and many other things. all are included with a description of the site, so you can go exactly where you want to.

Here they are!
- this is a great site, she is a decorator and has some of the best ideas!!!
- this is a really cool site, this crafter was on HGTV's Crafter's coast to coast, she makes really cute stuffed animals.
- this is a forum of hundreds of crafters from around the globe. it is really fun to look at everyone's completed projects. you should see it!
- this is a site of links to stores and craft websites from all over the place. it is REALLY neat.
- this is a list of just about EVERY how-to you can think of. you HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!!!!
- this is a site called "not martha", it is a really neat site that I really like. I would recommend you go to it. she has great craft ideas.
- this is an online store, and they have great things to buy that have a very modern design. Very cool.
- this is a site for just baout everything neat and cool. it tells you uses for stuff like club soda, crayola chalk, baking soda, alka seltzer, and much, much more. have fun!
- I bet you haven't heard of this one! lol. I love this search engine, it is definitely the best one on the web.
- my favorite car is the Honda Element. this is a site designated for honda element owners and lovers to get together and talk about the problems and loves of the Honda Element.
- this site is called Kelly Blue Book. it is so you can find out how much a certain car is worth. you can find the prcie of used cars or new cars. it is very helpful if you are about to guy a car, or just curious how much someone spent on their new Lexus. lol. (maybe that's just me, lol.)

I think that is about all for now. I want to post more later this afternoon on Dieting in ths new year. I know that sounds fun, but I plan to have a comprehensive list of the things you should and shouldn't eat and a good excericise routine. have fun!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

"sew dorky" donuts!

I just wanted you to see these donuts!!! they are made of felt and they are the cutest things ever!!! I think they would be the perfect GIFT for anyone, especially those on a new year's diet! lol. but I think everyone should own one of these things!!!!!!! there are different "flavors" so go check 'em out at this website where you can also buy them!


Hey guys! happy new year's!!!! I hope you ate your peas and cabbage (cabbage = good luck, peas = wealth, actually reverse that, other way around! sorry) well, I know the title is my favorite crafts, and I'll soon have some up. we are going to the local craft store monday and get some supplies for some projects I plan to do next week. I am working on making my own sew dorky donut! I can't wait to post pictures! and I will be making some little picture stones with those clear flat marbles. and I'll be making some coasters out of tiles. along with a many other things. I'll talk to y'all later, it's dinner time!


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